Is Internet Marketing is a scam?


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Special Edition
August 11, 2021
“Is Internet Marketing is a scam”

My mentor Dean Holland, is one of a relatively small number of people who have been in this business a long time.

He’s a smart marketer who tends to be a bit, uh, “polarizing” at times. Sometimes he’ll intentionally appeal to one side of a niche audience which builds serious loyalty, while inevitably offending the other side of the audience and rubbing them the wrong way.

He likes to use shocking statements like “Internet Marketing is a scam” to get your attention, then he’ll either prove or refute that statement. When he uses a subject line like this, he’s usually referring to things he’s heard from aspiring entrepreneurs, especially newbies.

For example, many (or most?) people in our industry have been scammed or burned at some point. Many have lost thousands to the scammers and hustlers. They become jaded, and in frustration they make blanket statements like “Internet marketing is a scam”.

Dean likes to prove those people wrong by showing them how they can find success online. He lays it all out in his book, That is BTW forwarded by Russell Brunson. Check this out:


You might be thinking, “yes, but he has a list, contacts and a big name.”

That’s actually the premise of this book

What if he lost it ALL, and had no money, no list, and no name in the industry?

What would he do?

That’s exactly what he’s going to show you in this book.

You can join live for three interactive sessions on July 8th, plus you’ll get access to the recordings and ebook for fast help.

Did I mention you get all of that for a small shipping fee? Yeah, he really wants to prove the naysayers wrong with this one.

Grab your book here: CLICK!

Anyone can do this, he shows you every step, and it’s exactly what he would do if he lost “everything but his underpants” and had to start over.

Have a blessed day!


P.S. – what’s the catch? There is no “catch”. It’s not a trial offer, and not going to bill you. He really is providing a book and training. He is offering a coaching program at the end. So in that sense, this is a lead generator. But I would not call that a catch, because there are no obligations and he isn’t even directly selling the coaching program in the book. In fact, those who are interested will have to apply for it. So do not hesitate to Grab your book here: CLICK!

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